Oak Barrel Aging

At Peninsula U-Brew Winery we are firm believers in the benefits of using oak barrel aging to improve your wine. These barrels will add a moderate oak flavour to your wine as well as a very mild, very fine tannin. Also, the barrel aging will smooth out the rougher tannins associated with wine when it is new. Your wine will be slightly concentrated, due to a small amount of evaporation, resulting in a more complex aroma and bouquet. 

The process is simple and, for our customers, requires no added effort except for a little extra patience. Each batch is started by the customer and made as per usual except that instead of being ready to bottle once it is filtered, the wine is transferred to the barrel to mature, and monitored carefully until it is deemed ready to come out. When the wine is removed from the barrel it is then ready to bottle. This year, we have added something new and exciting to try - barrel fermented whites! The whites are ready in 6-8 weeks, and benefit from the infusion of oak during the fermentation process.

The list below shows which batches are available, when they can be started and approximately when they can be bottled. Since there are limited spaces available (now only 5 batches per barrel) we suggest reserving a space for yourself well in advance of the start dates. 

Wine Style

Start Dates 

Estimated Ready to Bottle

Barrel Aged Australian Petit Verdot  Starting Now!  Call for limited spaces avail
Barrel Aged Italian Nebbiolo  Starting Now!  Call for limited spaces avail
 Barrel Aged Eclipse Bravado  Starting Now!  Call for limited spaces avail
 Barrel Aged Italian Amarone  Starting Now!  Call for limited spaces avail